Knee Compression is now working!

I haven’t dealt with the ramp to platform transition yet, but I did get the knee compression working tonight. I like the feel of playing this enough that I think I’m going to create a pool or bowl and test that out in the near future. I need to get a system for both leaning-to-turn and turn-by-lifting the front of the board. If i can get those two things feeling natural I think I’ll be in a good spot. Also here is the first build I’m sharing of this, just for anyone to test out how it feels to move the player. Any and all insight or feedback is definitely welcome.

Download a Build

Unity Development Update

In this video I go through some of the latest changes to the source Unity project. These include polishing a rock solid physics-based controller, implementing a rudimentary audio system for the player, creating a pseudo “surface” detection system and the very beginnings of an animation control system.

Ramp Skateboarding in Unity 2018

I’ve been working on the prototype for my ramp skater prefab to be used specifically in ramp-only skating scenes. I am procedurally animating the character and motions using IK and “jiggle bones”. So far it’s starting to look more organic, but still feels like a mannequin riding on a board. I’m sure with more polish I will get it looking natural.