Atari 2600 – Hero Prop Modeling

So I wrapped up a one-day modeling session on a hero prop found in our main character’s bedroom. Some of you may be old enough to recognize this console. The triangle count is pretty high for a scene prop so LODs will be in order for this once I get this highest LOD unwrapped and textured. The miserable part of doing UVs is next, but it’s shortly followed by the far better experience of using Substance Painter to texture the asset.


Ramp Skateboarding in Unity 2018

I’ve been working on the prototype for my ramp skater prefab to be used specifically in ramp-only skating scenes. I am procedurally animating the character and motions using IK and “jiggle bones”. So far it’s starting to look more organic, but still feels like a mannequin riding on a board. I’m sure with more polish I will get it looking natural.